Thursday, June 23, 2005


On October 31, 2004, the Archbishop of Athens Christodoulos declared, in a sermon at the Agios Panteleimonas Ilissou church on Sunday, said people today cannot tolerate one speaking of death, the truth and sin. Giving an example of the decadence of society, Archbishop Christodoulos referred to the case of Franco Butiglione, whom he termed a "good Christian." "Because he was a good Christian. When they asked him to tell his opinion about marriages between homosexuals, he replied just like any good Christian would. That is to say that being a homosexual is a sin before God, it is not a penal offence," he said. "Imagine the point we have reached and the sorrowful state humanity has reached. It wants us to cover up and not speak about what is a declared, blatant and flagrant sin, because those who have the 'defect' are annoyed and because they want all the rest to admit that this is a natural situation," Archbishop Christodoulos added. You surpassed yourself on this one, Chris. Put a note in your diary for the upcoming Athens Pride on Saturday 25th June 2005. You've got an outfit already. 10am, Klafthmonos square: Goodmorning Athens, We're here ! 11am opening 12-5:30pm participating groups plan cool discussions and small happenings (henna tatoo, hand-drawing, creative writting, music .. ) 5:30pm, line-up for the march 6:30pm Pride March !!! 8pm party time ! (DJs Irene & Maggy's brother) 12:00 midnight: closing. Goodnight Athens, we''ll paint you rainbow colours again next year..


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