Friday, June 24, 2005


Although this is a story from 6 years ago, it illustrates the points I was making in my post THIS IS NOT MY COUNTRY 28/4/1998 TOPIC: "RACIST MURDER OF A NIGERIAN IMMIGRANT" The cooperating organizations Greek Helsinki Monitor and Minority Rights Group - Greece condemn the brutal murder of the Nigerian salesman Outse Okbonezi in a "Panathinaikos" supporters club in Peristeri. This crime must reveal even to the most innocent of people that there is a very serious racist problem which is undermining the foundations of our society. The ease with which the murderer of the unfortunate immigrant decided to stab his victim cannot be explained in any other way. This is made clearer when you consider that Mr. Okbonezi was rightfully protesting because one of the party had stolen one of the watches he was trying to sell. It is even more shocking that this murder allegedly occurred in full view of those present and without any intervention. Our organizations are convinced that the criminal would be less likely to commit this horrible crime if the salesman were a white legal citizen of this country. The killers better social, legal and economic position perhaps contributed to his feeling of impunity, which played an important role in the execution of the crime. The fact that those present attributed this act to the "usual suspects" i.e. the Albanians, further underlines the racist character of this terrible event. In this way the real criminals can take advantage of the incorrect perception concerning the criminality of immigrants that reigns in society. Finally, our organizations consider that the state should take urgent action for the education of society, since the prevailing climate of racism can lead directly to the removal of the most precious inalienable right that is life itself.


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