Friday, October 28, 2005


Originally posted Sovereignty of SeaWitch My son took part in the school oxi day celebrations yesterday. I felt strange again to be standing for prayers (out of respect for others) but not "doing my cross" but that's another story. Lots of the other parents are non- religious like me. What was wonderful, was to see the kids doing their play. The content was a bit uninspired but they enjoyed performing especially the bit where they outwit the german soilders to get bread to the Greek army. As I scanned the crowd of proud parents and delighted kids, my mind wandered back to the venom and bile that has been spewed on this post. In the school there are a few black, mixed- race greek children (with greek GRANDPARENTS for those who care about those things), there are greek children of russian, albanian and turkish descent, greek-american and at least one dutch greek kid. All of them sang and performed with such pride and exitement while their parents took pictures and video of the performance. And afterwards we wished each other a happy three day holiday and went home. Now I am aware that underneath the smiles and waves there may be feelings of resentment and even hatred but it was the kids that got me feeling so happy. They really did charge into the playground happy. Together. They achieved something that kids care about. That they pleased their teacher, they pleased their parents, they did well and they had a great deal of fun doing it. Call me a sappy liberal lefty peabrained softy marxist all you like. It was a breath of fresh air after suffocating in here for such a long time. I know this was just a fleeting moment and kids grow up and make different choices and decisions BUT, just for now, they were kids having a good time


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