Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I made a decision. I am moving my blog to Wordpress because I am fed up with Blogger. All the outages and losing comments is really getting on my nerves. Many bloggers are advising people to move because they predict they are going to start losing blogs all over the place and then start charging for the service. This one will stay current until I am happy with how things are going. For anyone interested in how it looks at the moment click here. Bear in mind it's not finished. There is one disadvantage for those of us who like messing with html in the templates on blogger; you can't do that with the free wordpress blog. The advantages far outweigh that though. Number one for me is categories at last. Number two is automatic pings when you post new entry (for those who care) and number three greater control over comments, spam etc. I hope you all like the new look or are, at least, willing to get used to it. I'm not 100% happy design-wise but apparently they keep adding to the templates. Hopefully one will turn up that I like better. Please don't post comments over there yet. I will let you know when version one will be closing. I will not be deleting it and I'll give you all plenty of time to update those links! See you all over at my new place.

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