Friday, May 12, 2006


I posted a while back about the proposed segregated schools for Romani children at a school in Aspropyrgos. That post here. Below is an open letter to the Ministry of Education from the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights and the European Roma Rights Center. It gives the background details to the case and calls on the government to do something (for a change) about this situation, These children have been unable to go to school since 2004. Three parts stood out for me in the letter: A twelve year old girl said in an interview "I go to school and they turn me away; they tell me ‘you are poor, go away." Remind you of anything? When Alpha filmed the protests non-romani parents were heard shouting  “No child of yours will enter our school […]. You are not going to enter the school. I will bring 500,000 people; you will not enter here, and that’s that.” Remind you of anything? On October 12, a sign was posted stating, “The school will remain closed for the problem of the Gypsies; Wednesday 12/10/05; Parents and Guardians Association.” Fancy that. Those uppity Roma causing problems by wanting their children to go to school! Remind you of anything?

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