Saturday, September 17, 2005


It seems that the anti-nazi protest against the meeting of the neo-nazis in Greece, has been hijacked by the "anarchists". There has been little mention of the truly digusting hatewave gathering. We now have the misfortune of seeing these idiots, who mistakenly call themselves anarchists, running around with their helmets on, throwing stones and molotovs, setting fire to the polytechnic and burning the Greek flag. How is this helping the fight against nazism ? It's not. It undermines any legitimate protest we have against the nazis. It means that those on the right can turn round and accuse the left of being more fascistic than they are. That the left is violent and dumb. It makes ethnocentrists point for him. The media will concentrate only on what makes a good story. The neo-nazis will be free to spread their hate. The public will be left with images of "lefties" burning their flag. These idiots have destroyed all the hard work that many ordinary people and organisations (some politically-affiliated to the left but many that are not) have done to protest hatewave. I resent the fact that our argument against nazis will be lost. The nazis will use this against us yet again. Their point will be made and ours will not. One positive point about this whole sorry story: The nazis were unable to drum up the numbers they were hoping for. I don't like the whole "there are only 150 of them" argument. To me, one nazi on the street is too many. But I am glad the "thousands" did not arrive.

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At 9/25/2005 03:46:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I’ve always figured Greeks to be pretty tolerant (on the whole) and news of this Hatewave (or whatever it was called) happening in Greece was a bit of a shock.

I wanted to follow the story but, well, there didn’t seem to be one. A lack of Greek supporters was bolstered by a relative handful of fascists imported from other parts of Europe. Apart from the statement that they don’t want Turkey to join the EU, there was little information about the neo-Nazis.

Instead, the (so-called) anti-Nazis seem responsible for destroying property and causing a nuisance of themselves. A very unimaginative way of fighting fascism, if not fascism manifested under a different guise.



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