Sunday, December 04, 2005


I feel that just adding migrants to the police force will not reduce problems by itself. There also needs to be education on the issues. A very good friend of mine used to work with the Metropolitan police on race issues and race relations. She ran workshops and held discussion groups. This was found to be a much more effective way of combatting the racism that exists in the police force. From Kathimerini (Friday) Enlisting migrants into the police force will help law enforcers fight their own racist attitude toward foreigners, the Panhellenic Confederation of Police Officers (POASY) said yesterday. At a conference held by the policemen’s union yesterday, POASY President Dimitris Kyriazidis put forward the proposal as part of a 10-point plan that could help Greece reduce problems with migrants and avoid possible incidents of urban unrest similar to those seen recently in France.

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At 12/04/2005 06:08:00 PM, Anonymous Doug Dangur (A Gay Man and A Gay Journalist said...

Diva, You are so right darling! Putting them immigrants on the payroll without the proper other stuff is just a way to pacify em.
Case in point. When I was in college, there was a gay policeman who worked at the college I went to. He was horrible!!! Listening to old Judy Garland tapes in his patrol car while ignoring many of the infractions of the college. It was obvious to me that this policeman was hired only to meet some silly stereotyped quota of diversity. I hope I'm making sense. I'm all for Gays in the police force, but (HELLO) Qualified ones!!!

Oh by the way, I'm off to Myconos with Mr. Laikis Govellas and his entourage. Kisses...


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