Friday, January 20, 2006


All this talk about what people are supposed to be like based on race and ethnicity got me thinking. Just an idea. For fun. WHO ARE YOU? In any way you feel like expressing it. If you feel like it. This is me.


I am strange up and down moody and changeable. I am rich with laughter on my lips. I am deeply unreligious given to having faith. I am blessed and unbelieving. I am fragile raw and kind. I am lazy loving calm sleep. I am scared by thoughts of impending doom. I am indulgent imperfect flawed. I am funny sarcastic and angry. I am hungry for everything but food. I am living breathing needing. I am silly enjoying nonsense and rhyme. I am serious thinking and changing with time.

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At 1/20/2006 10:44:00 PM, Blogger adfjkaj said...

Hi Diva,

I did see your posts on my blog. Sorry, I did not respond sooner. I do appreciate your kind words as always on my blog, and of course, your technical help. I aspire one day to make it to your blogroll.

Now, on our collaboration for the pressing issues of the day, I will quote the famous R.C. Collins:

It's a big Doo Sandwich, and we all have to take a bite.

I'm glad that we can take a bite together on the sensitive issues that attack our world today.

To answer this blog's post, on who am I?

I am me. A Scruffy American with a Pro-American Government view that can get in the way of my better judgment at times.

A sensitive, empathetic person who wants to be liked, but also likes to push buttons at times, as long as those buttons don't break.

And finally, as you noticed, I didn't mention a race. In America, we are Americans simply.

This defines the "The Scruffy American"

At 1/21/2006 01:09:00 AM, Blogger deviousdiva said...

Apologies for my complete oversight. You are blogrolled. Not at all your aspirations just complete oversight on my part. crappy didn't get my act together diva. Sorry you. Love DD

At 1/21/2006 11:40:00 AM, Blogger teacher dude said...

"at that moment I stopped being a person and became a nationality."

North of South by Shiva Naipul

I hate it when people assume that they can tell you who you are based simply on a title (nationality, colour gender etc.).

I read the comments on your previous post and frankly, some of them turned my stomach.

At 1/21/2006 06:43:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ellas Devil's comment has been deleted??? Conspiracy theories abound?

At 1/21/2006 07:27:00 PM, Blogger deviousdiva said...

I saw ellasdevil's comment very late last night and made a note to myself to reply in the morning. When I got back here the comment had gone but it said "removed by the author" so I assumed ellasdevil must have deleted it. (I deleted the removed by author bit)I liked the post so I was sorry to see it gone. Conspiracy? I don't think so. Only the author or I can remove a comment, and it wasn't me.

At 1/21/2006 07:30:00 PM, Blogger deviousdiva said...

Where is my mind today? Teacher dude, thank you for your contribution. I love that quote. And yes, my stomach has been in a state of emergency for quite some time now.

At 1/21/2006 07:41:00 PM, Blogger melusina said...

Who am I? I am pessimistic, optimistic, fatalistic, socialistic, and so full of tics I don't know where to turn. I'm scared and bold, happy and sad, and am generally an oxymoron. I hate hate with a passion that makes their hate seem small and insignificant. I judge and forgive in the same instant, and walk away in tears. In short, I am.

At 1/22/2006 12:11:00 AM, Blogger deviousdiva said...

That's beautiful, Mel: "and walk away in tears.Thank you.

At 1/22/2006 12:50:00 AM, Blogger laspapi said...

Who am I?

A whale died in the River Thames this evening...and a nation mourned.

I sat stunned and mourned the truth that my country was the poorer for being a long way off, from sensibilities like that.

Who am I?

One who realises that "when a fool becomes philosopher-king, he kills all the philosophers".

At 1/22/2006 01:26:00 AM, Anonymous sha said...


am passionate, compassionate
I am artistic, creative

blessed with good wits if not tired.

not easily provoked
could be neurotic

and I talk to the stray dogs in athens ;-)

At 1/22/2006 12:22:00 PM, Blogger Flubberwinkle said...

I am an optimist; always looking for the upside of a situation. I'm easy, yet difficult. I'm frail, yet strong. I cry as easily as I laugh. I yell as easily as I keep my silence. I'm spiritual without adhering to religion. I'm a dreamer, yet very down-to-earth. I like the sky. I'm afraid of the ocean. I want to be a better person.

At 1/22/2006 06:00:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, it was me who deleted it.... I wanted to edit it but apparently we have no edit... just a delete.

If you still have what I wrote Diva then I'd love you to repost it cos I can't remember now what I was going to edit.

At 1/22/2006 07:57:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, Niki Tiki Tiger.

At 1/22/2006 09:13:00 PM, Blogger deviousdiva said...

Thank you laspapi, sha and flubberwinkle for your contributions. I enjoyed reading all of them.

At 1/22/2006 09:18:00 PM, Blogger deviousdiva said...

Sorry ellasdevil, I didn't get email confirmation before you deleted it so I don't have it. Why don't you write something else?

At 1/23/2006 03:43:00 AM, Blogger Eff25 said...

How to define myself? I don't really know.

I'm inclined to think any self-description of me would be simultaneously too deprecating while equally arrogant. Even the implied notion I just gave that I've a contradictive personality seems, to me, to not be correct nor appropriate.

But I perceive myself this way: As a moral, stubborn, logical (in a strange way), pedantic, anal, somewhat empathic, sometimes tolerant, sometimes not, hard to read, ass (or arse if you prefer. I have, perhaps, too much confidence in my reasoning, but not enough in myself. Of course, one can have too much in the latter as well.

For an accurate description, which might not exist, maybe someone else should say what I am.

At 1/23/2006 04:01:00 AM, Blogger buruburu said...

Hmm. I don't know who I am but i'm working on it. For now, I know I'm pessimistic when I've always been an optimist, I like to travel but i'm terrified of flying, I tend to say things the way i think them without filtering them out, which gets me into a lot of trouble. I'm very abrupt. I'm quiet sensitive. I like to love and be loved. I am an IDEALIST. I tend to judge people but i'm working on that and it seems like it's working. My friends say i'm very creative. I have a degree in Mathematics but I love the arts. I have a pretty good ear for music. I love music, when I listen to music I like i feel like I'm being washed with divine light. I love to dance. I've got pretty good rythm. I used to be a platonist but I've lost my faith and now I just live each day at a time. A good friend of mine insists that "You are what you eat". There's some truth in that I guess. I'm a hypochondriac but i'm working on that as well. I like simplicity and see beauty in it. I love women but they drive me crazy. I'm getting older but I feel young. I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. When I was a kid I enjoyed reading the encyclopedia until I discovered the web. In many ways I'm a geek but i'm also a hippie. I'm a leftist and a dreamer. I love to build bridges and find links between things that seem to have no connection to most people. "I am what I am most motherf****** don't give a damn" - red hot chilli peppers.I am buruburu. I blog therefore I am?

At 1/23/2006 10:46:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

zardoz says :

i began writing the i am ,,
three times on your blog
and all 3 i had revelations
propmtly erased and went
to sleep on it each time.

I am ,,
suprised muself changed i am since ..
the last time i wrote i am

thanks anyways , maybe another time

probably cant stand all my revelations together



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