Thursday, December 08, 2005


Apologies from me. I think there was some misunderstanding of what I wrote in the previous post. Just to confirm: The shelters are not closed. They are empty. The trafficked people who are rescued from their captors are taken into detention rather than to these shelters. Also, people do not go to the shelters to seek help because they do not know that they exist. STOPNOW do not run the shelters. "The organisation worked on raising public awareness about trafficking, lobbying for a law to be passed, pushing for victim support and also importantly coordinated all organisations in Greece working on counter-trafficking. Also, it worked with Bulgaria, Albania, Georgia, Moldova etc to raise awareness so that women would be aware of the pitfalls of pormised-land jobs before they make the trip to Greece. It is all of this that cannot be continued without funds" (Thank you anonymous for putting this in a concise and clear way) I am in touch with people involved in this vital project and will post information as soon as I find out if anything effective can be done.


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